Interview: Olly Steele – Monuments

Monuments are a band that faced some big difficulties in 2011 concerning line-up changes and album completion. 2012 sees them back stronger than ever with feet firmly on the ground and getting ever closer to releasing what should be a fantastic debut album. I had a chat with guitarist Olly Steele to find out a little more about how progress was going, his side projects and more..

D Word: So you joined Monuments just over a year ago, how did that come about happening?

Olly: I was supporting Tesseract in my old band (Cyclamen). Mike (Monuments) introduced himself to me, couldn’t quite believe it was him!  After a while of fan boy hassle, he let slip that ‘Ments might be looking for a new guitarist as Paul (Chimp Spanner) couldn’t do it anymore. So I just kept on his case really haha.

D Word: What happened with Cyclamen when you joined Monuments?

Olly: Well I played for both for a while. Then things started to disintegrate with Cyclamen. Hayato (Cyclamen vocalist) asked me if I was gonna leave to focus on ‘Ments and I told him straight up, which then lead to that particular line up disbanding. I’ve not chatted to Hayato for ages as he’s abroad and busy. Still mates with the others though.

D Word: Was it a challenge adapting to Monuments style? Did you have to buy seven/eight string guitars specifically for Monuments?

Olly: Hmm. Yes and no. Technique wise I was already in the ball park but obviously it’s a different application than your typical metal playing style. I had to learn left hand slapping which is something I’d never done before! That was cool. And yes, I had to get hold of a seven and an eight.

D Word: Browne (Monuments) recently got an eight string made for him by Invictus guitars, have you got anything similar lined up with them (or anyone else)?

Olly: It’s not actually his, it’s on loan haha. I know he’s enjoying it, I’ve not had a chance to play it yet though. I’ve been talking to Invictus and a couple of other awesome companies recently. It’s all very exciting, I just need to pull the trigger.

D Word: So last year the band lost BOTH vocalists just after you joined and obviously that was a heavy blow, how did you go about carrying on without them and finding a replacement?

Olly: For various reasons it became apparent that we wouldn’t be able to continue with them. Monuments would have just deteriorated if we had even attempted to move forward with them. As far as I’m concerned that’s all in the past and It’s a very tedious thing to explain. More to the point we’re all very excited about our new vocalist. He’s a great guy and sounds sick. I can’t wait for people to hear the new sound.

D Word: What can we expect from the new frontman?

Olly: Dashing looks, a ton of different voices and a preference for green tea.

D Word: I’m assuming with vocals back on track the album is getting closer to completion. When can we expect it?

Olly: No doubt. I’m gonna have to be boring and tell you I’m not allowed to say a lot, but it’ll be sooner rather than later. Hold tight kiddies.

D Word: Will there be completely new, rewritten vocals and lyrics on the album?

Olly: You’ll have to wait and see!

D Word: Tell us a bit about your new side project T.I.N.G, how did that come about?

Olly: Well. Essentially, after having seen Pin and Leah (Aliases) tear tech metal a new one night after night on the the TYBYWY tour last year, I came home really inspired and wrote a load of indulgent wanky shit. Then a little while after, I started chatting to Sam Bell (Mask of judas) who’s an extremely capable guitarist. We were initially gonna just write a song together but then I mentioned I had all these ideas and it all just sorta came from there really. Getting Mike (Monuments) invoved was a no brainer. He’s a brilliant musican and manages to somehow make alot of the weirder, more awkward ideas groove and it just inspires everything all the more. It’s all just a bit of fun but still… Sick tings bruv.

D Word: Can we expect to hear any tracks or demos from that any time soon?

Olly: I’d love to say yes but sadly, between Sam being a very busy man and obviously me and Mike focusing on the Monuments album, it’s not been given too much attention as a collective recently. I’m still writing for it daily though. It’s essentially my six string techy baby haha.

D Word: Any last words?

Olly: Olly Steele. Two thousand and twelve. Dun know. You know how we do. Gojira.

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